Your Guide to Tailoring

Looking good in well-fitted clothing is both a boost to your confidence but can also be a way to offer a good first impression in business or your personal life. Clothing which is too large or small will make you appear either unkempt or unprofessional. A good tailor can help you get the proper fit from your wardrobe because even good clothing may not fit you properly.

Some of the services Oak Neck Cleaners Tailors can provide include:

Tailor in Islip

Custom fitting — Taking rack clothing and making it fit is our skill at Oak Neck Cleaners. Perhaps you have lost some weight but have favorite clothes you wish to keep? We can tailor them to fit your new size. Keep in mind that some fabric designs could be ruined by tailoring, so discuss your needs with us first.

Repairs — We can repair broken zippers, fix gaps on a waistband, repair sleeves or necklines, replace buttons, and add liners to dresses. If clothing has faded we may be able to dye it to its original color. Bring your repairs to Oak Neck Cleaners and let us take a look.

Taking in clothing — Making clothing smaller by removing fabric is quite common for tailors. We can shorten pants, take in waist dimensions, add a dart to a blouse for a better fit, and so on. Taking out clothing to make it larger may not always be possible because the seams or hems may show permanently and look unsightly. Talk to us about what changes you desire and we can advise you on whether tailoring can help.

Good tailoring is an art, and our artisans at Oak Neck Cleaners are ready to help. Our tailoring staff is available to assist you Monday through Saturday. Call us at 631-422-4339 for more information.