dry cleaning bay shore tailoring near me


At end of the Winter or Summer season simple gather up the clothing you will not be wearing till the following Winter or Summer season.

Do you really need to have your heavy coats or sweaters in your closet all Summer? Keeping cashmere and other delicate fabrics in your closet is risky. Moth damage is prevalent and can ruin valuable garments.

Bring these garments in to us, we will Dry Clean, Moth Proof and store your clothing away for you at no extra charge. All you pay for is the Dry Cleaning. Your clothing is safe and insured. Before the next season starts simply give us one week notice and we will take your clothing out of storage, press and package your garments. You can pick up in the store or arrange for FREE DELIVERY.

This is a no brainer, don't risk losing your valuable clothing to moth damage, mildew or just having them stuffed into over crowded closets. Try our FREE Storage this year, you will be so glad you did. Call to schedule your FREE pick up for your Winter clothing.