Why You Should Never DIY Dry Clean

Certain garments require dry cleaning. Items like leather jackets, suede pants, and Ugg boots cannot be cleaned in a standard washing machine. If you want to care for your clothing, without causing damage, you need to visit a professional dry cleaner. Here is why you should never DIY dry clean.

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DIY dry cleaning can be risky, especially if you’ve never done it before. One potential risk of DIY dry cleaning is shrinking. Certain fabrics need to be dry cleaned so they don’t shrink. If you try washing these fabrics at home they may get smaller, ruining the garment and making it unwearable.

Clothing with embellishments need to be gently cared for. DIY dry cleaning kits aren’t always made with this in mind. If you’re using these kits, you may accidentally damage or even remove the embellishments. The embellishments are what makes your garment special, so take these pieces to a professional to maintain their quality and character, while also getting them clean.

The point of dry cleaning is to remove stains and dirt, but DIY dry cleaning can actually cause you to stain your clothing. This is because DIY kits have the potential to leave dark stains on clothing. These kits can also cause stains that you’re trying to remove to actually set into the fabric. You don’t want to ruin your favorite pieces, so leave stain removal to the professionals.

DIY dry cleaning kits use a variety of chemicals. These chemicals produce a strong smell. If you don’t have the appropriate space, tools, and technique, the strong odors can trigger headaches and migraines. You don’t want to compromise your health to clean your clothing. Professionals have spaces, tools, and equipment designed to handle these chemicals safely.

Another odor-related problem with DIY dry cleaning kits is they can cause body odors to sink into the fabrics of your garments. You want to remove any smells and leave your clothes feeling fresh and clean. However, these kits have a tendency to hold in smells, rather than remove them.

You don’t want to ruin your most sentimental and expensive pieces of clothing, so leave the dry cleaning to the professionals. Oak Neck Cleaners is located at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York. We can clean your formalwear, leather, suede, and so much more. Give us a call at 631-422-4339 to schedule your free pick up today!