Why You Should Have your Handbags Professionally Cleaned

After you wear your clothing, you wash it. So, shouldn’t the same be said for your handbags? If you have dirty handbags that haven’t been washed, you should have your handbags professionally cleaned. Not only will this help you be more sanitary, but doing so can actually extend the lifespan of your handbag.

dry cleaners near islipHandbags can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from soft canvas to strong leather. No two materials should be cared for the same way and each type of material requires a unique cleaning process in order to maintain its quality and effectively remove dirt. Whether your bag was priced affordably or your handbag is made by a designer label, you want to care for your bag  in the correct manner to maintain its quality and cleanliness.

Because of the wide variety of materials that can be used to make a handbag, it can be hard to determine how to clean your specific bag. Instead of guessing and attempting to clean your bag on your own, leave it to the professionals. You especially want to let a professional handle your cleaning if your handbag is valuable or made by a designer label.

Handbags are more fragile than T-shirts or jackets. Because of this, you don’t want to over-wash your bag. Instead of washing it after every use, give it a wipe down between wears. You should bring your handbag to a dry cleaners for a professional cleaning approximately once a year.

At Oak Neck Cleaners, we can clean handbags made from any material. Bring your daily-use bag or designer handbag to us and we will clean your bag with the most efficient, careful, and effective methods. Our team of professional dry cleaners understand how to care for the finest materials, so you can trust that your handbag is in good hands.

Whether your bag is made from canvas, suede, leather, or something else, let our team at Oak Neck Cleaners get your handbag cleaned. You can schedule your free pickup and delivery by calling 631-422-4339 or visiting our website. You can also drop your bags off with us at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York. We are open Monday through Saturday and look forward to helping you care for your handbags.