Why You Should Dry Clean Clothing Before Storing It

Whether you’re storing summer clothes during the winter or you’re putting a special occasion outfit into storage, you want to dry clean your clothing before storing it. Doing so can help maintain the quality of your clothing. For more information about dry cleaning clothing before storing it, keep reading.

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First, dry cleaning clothing before storing it prevents permanent stains and discoloration. If there is a stain on your clothing, it may be removable if tended to quickly. However, if the stain remains on the garment when in storage, you may never be able to get rid of the stain.

Next, you can avoid an insect infestation if you dry clean your clothing before storing it. If you don’t clean your clothing, you may neglect to notice if a bug has found its way into the fabric. A professional dry cleaner will inspect for insects and eggs and remove them, so you can have peace of mind when your clothing is in storage.

Finally, dry cleaning your clothing before storing it can keep your clothes smelling fresh. If your clothing has a faint, unappealing smell when you put it into storage, this smell will only grow stronger. Sweat, dust, and other natural aromas settle into clothing and can get worse over time. When you visit a dry cleaner, they can remove these smells so your clothing won’t smell musty or stale when you remove it from storage.

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