What’s dry cleaning?

We’ve all heard of dry cleaning, but how many of us actually know what dry cleaning is? If you’ve ever wondered what goes on when you drop your clothes off at the dry cleaner, read on.

A woman performing dry cleaning services on garments

When you wash your clothes at home or your local laundromat, you use water and detergent to get your garments clean. This method of cleaning isn’t ideal for all types of clothing though. That’s where dry cleaners come into the mix.

Dry cleaning uses a liquid solvent, rather than water and detergent. Even though the word “dry” is used to describe the cleaning process, the garments at the dry cleaner do actually get wet. It’s just that the liquid solvent used to clean the clothes evaporates much quicker than water.

During dry cleaning, the liquid solvent is re-circulated through filters during the entire cleaning cycle. This removes impurities and also prevents shrinking and fading. When you wash clothes with water, the fibers of the fabrics swell, which leads to the shrinkage and dye fading of garments. The solvents used during dry cleaning are superior when it comes to maintaining the quality of fibers, while also removing stubborn oil, grease, stains, and dirt.

Once an article of clothing is done with the cleaning process, it is steamed and pressed. Steaming relaxes wrinkles and removes any remaining solvent while pressing smooths the garment for an ideal appearance.

If you want to maintain the quality of your clothing for years to come, dry cleaning is the way to go. Visit Oak Neck Cleaners for top-quality dry cleaning services. To schedule your free pick up and delivery, call us at 631-422-4339 today!