What Should or Shouldn’t Be Dry Cleaned

All clothing needs to be cleaned, but how? Not all apparel is cared for in the same way when it comes to laundry. Some items can be washed at home, while others have a tag that reads “Dry Clean Only.” This may seem like a lot of effort in caring for a garment, so read on to learn what actually should or shouldn’t be dry cleaned.

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You could rely on a tag’s instructions when it comes to garment care, or you could check out the fabric tag. The type of fabric that clothing is made from matters more than you might think. Some fabrics don’t need to be dry cleaned at all. These fabrics include cotton and synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, spandex, acrylic, and acetate. Cotton may not need to be dry cleaned, but it should be machine washed on cold or warm with similar colors. Most cotton fabrics are pre-shrunk, but be mindful of those that aren’t.

Other fabrics should be dry cleaned. These fabrics include linen, which can either be taken to your local cleaners or hand washed in cold and dry air, then ironed. Rayon is another fabric that should be dry cleaned because it is semi-synthetic, or a combination of cellulose fibers that may bleed their dyes or shrink in the wash. Silk, a natural material, is luxurious and likely to bleed, so it should be dry cleaned as well. Finally, wool, a durable fabric, cannot be hand washed because it is too likely to shrink in the wash. A dry cleaner will know how to professionally care for these pieces to prevent any damage.

Check out the materials tag of your favorite articles of clothing and make sure to dry clean particular fabrics. For your dry cleaning needs, consider Oak Neck Cleaners. We offer free pick up and delivery, as well as in-store services, so call us at 631-422-4339 for more information.

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