Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation, & Storage

Preserve Your Wedding Memories Forever


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Our wedding gown specialists carefully examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning. Inspections are made at every stage of the cleaning and preservation process. Each wedding gown receives special and individual handling, with attention to every detail.

Our newly designed Museum Style storage boxes feature state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology. Traditional wedding gown storage boxes do not protect or guarantee against oxidation or "yellowing" of the gown.

Our advanced system guarantees that your gown will be as good as the day you wore it down the aisle.

Here's How:

Your dress is carefully cleaned then sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible. Our sealed packaging allows viewing of your gown and veil at any time, while protecting your gown from mold, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

In order that your gown receives the attention it deserves, make arrangements before the wedding. We will pick up your gown right after your wedding, anywhere on Long Island, clean and preserve it, and deliver it back when it's finished. When you come back from your honeymoon, your gown will be waiting.

Just go to our request delivery page, fill in your information, and your gown will be taken care of. If you need further information on this service, just call 631-422-4339 or send us an email. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.