Utilize a Laundry Pickup Service This Month!

Is pickup laundry service a “fancy” option reserved for the wealthy? In the past, perhaps you associated this option with the rich and famous, but today, the service is available to all. Having a laundry pickup service might help you save a lot of time, aggravation, and stress.  Plus, you might like the job the laundry service does better than your own work!

Free Pick Up & Delivery from Oak Neck Cleaners

Why use a laundry service in Bay Shore?

The primary reason to use a laundry pickup service is to free time for you to do tasks you find more productive or more enjoyable.  Even if the only laundry you take to a laundromat is your own, you may have to do it twice a week and spend several hours on the round trips. Avoid the stress of traffic jams, bad weather (especially in areas that have snowy winters), and too many tasks in one day with the ease of a pickup service.

Other advantages to using a laundry pickup service including (possibly) getting a free ride.  The laundry you are already using may provide the pickup and drop off services at no extra charge, especially if you are a good customer (via either frequent visits or high volume).  Also, the best pickup services don’t need you to be at home to do the pickups or the drop-offs. As long as the place for both is agreed on, you should be good to go. Any special instructions can usually be taken care of with a note you leave with the clothing.

If you get to like the pickup service well enough, as well as the professional cleaning services that go with it, you might even decide to get rid of your washer and dryer.  Having the extra space is nice, but you’ll also save on utilities, especially with a dryer, which has a high electricity consumption.

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