The Tailored Suit Solution

Are you having trouble finding which style of suit best fits your body type? Don’t worry, all of us here at Oak Neck Cleaners are going to take the guess work out of the decision for you. Finding the perfect suit can be difficult, whether you wear them daily for work or need one for a special occasion. You may be committing fashion faux pas you weren’t even aware of!

Tailoring at Oak Neck Cleaners

Every body is a suit body, it’s just a matter of matching a suit to your shape. First up, our tall, slim men. Typically, the issue for this body type is finding pants and jacket sleeves that are long even for your limbs. We often see men choosing to size up, sacrificing the actual fit f their pants and jackets for the sake of length. The perfect solution for this having a suit tailored to fit your exact measurements. A proper tailor will make sure that 1-2cm of your shirt’s cuff will show under your jacket sleeve, ensuring there’s plenty of length. Your jacket sleeves should sit right at your wrist bone.

For those who are a little thicker around the middle, a well-fitting suit is the key to help make you look slimmer. It’s important to avoid wearing baggy oversized clothes as it will make you look larger. Choose dark colors like black and dark grays. Vertical stripes can also help to create the illusion of an elongated body, which also helps you to look leaner.

Broad shoulders can also be difficult to dress. People with wider shoulders also tend to wear oversized jackets to fit them, but this causes a sloppy look more often than not. Once again, the best option is to have a suit tailored to fit you perfectly. Avoiding narrow lapels on jackets will also help to balance out your shoulders to your hips. It eliminates the possibility of looking like an upside down triangle.

Generally, you can test the fit of your suit by standing up straight and buttoning all the buttons. You should be able to fit your palm comfortably inside your jacket, but if you make a fist and it fits, the jacket is too large. The most important thing is to make sure you feel great in your suit! If you’re in need of tailoring or simply dry cleaning services, come and visit us today! We’ll even pick up your suit and drop it back off for you to make it as easy as possible to look your best on your special day!

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