The Risks of DIY Dry Cleaning

It may be an appealing idea to clean your delicate garments by using a DIY dry cleaning kit, but it isn’t always a wise decision. You are taking a gamble doing so as there are risks to be aware of before attempting to dry clean clothing and other home goods yourself. Oak Neck Cleaners explains the possible damage that could occur if you perform the job yourself rather than leaving the task to a professional dry cleaning service.

dry cleaners near islipHarmful to Fabrics

Dry-clean-only garments require a particular level of care and DIY dry cleaning kits don’t always meet the appropriate standards. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to inadvertently damage the fabrics. When you use an esteemed dry cleaning service, you don’t have to be concerned about any devastating mishaps including the issue of garment shrinkage. 

Overwhelming Fragrances

Professional dry cleaning services leave clothing fresh and clean, without strong smells. DIY dry cleaning kits have gained an unfavorable reputation for leaving strong scents behind that can cause headaches and aggravate migraines. 

Exude Lingering Body Odors

Although DIY dry cleaning kits can somewhat refreshen garments, they have a propensity to leave some offensive smells behind such as the stench of sweat in the underarm areas. A reputable dry cleaning service will effectively and completely remove all permeating odors.

Worsen Stains 

DIY dry cleaning kits cannot remove oil-based and stubborn stains. An at-home process could cause further damage by making the blemish become set into the material and more difficult to lift. Taking items to a dry cleaning service will expertly and safely remove the stains. 

Create Stains

Stains can form on previously pristine garments as the result of a DIY dry cleaning kit. The amount of money you wish to save by cleaning clothes yourself could wind up costing a lot more if you need to replace your wardrobe.

Destroy Embellishments

Professional dry cleaners are extra careful with fabrics that contain embellishments so that they perform proper cleaning while retaining the integrity of the fabric. There is no guarantee that a DIY dry cleaning kit will not destroy existing embellishments.

Suffer Damage From Inferior Bags 

Many DIY dry cleaning kits include less-than-desirable garment bags that are supposed to protect your belongings. These insufficient bags often rip and cause the contents to become set loose, often getting snagged on zippers or embellishments.

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