The Challenge of Cleaning Drapery

Curtains transform a room, block out the sunlight, and offer privacy. Curtains are also notably difficult to clean. These window treatments must be washed the old-fashioned way in order to maintain their quality. Learn more about the challenge of cleaning curtains by reading on.

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Before buying curtains, take note of the fabric, care process, resistance to light, and ability to hold up in various temperatures and atmospheric conditions. This will help you better understand the potential care process of the curtains. You should also think about buying lined drapes to improve the longevity of the curtains.

Curtains can come in a variety of different designs, fabrics, sizes, and colors. Custom-made and hand-made curtains require the most care, as they are the most fragile and delicate. Other curtains can be designed using pre-shrunk fabric to protect the window treatments during the washing process. When shopping for curtains, seek acrylic, polyester, nylon, glass fiber, or modacrylic materials, as these are the most heavy-duty. Silk and sheer fabrics are more likely to wear quickly or get damaged during the cleaning process.

If you want to maintain the quality of your drapes and keep your home clean, be sure to have a professional like the Oak Neck Cleaners clean your curtains once a year. In between cleaning, vacuum your curtains thoroughly if possible.

For assistance with cleaning your curtains, consider Oak Neck Cleaners. Drapery and blind cleaning are our long-time specialities. Our professional staff can clean curtains with care and efficiency, helping to maintain quality and keep your home clean. We can also tackle wood blinds, luminettes, pleated shades, shutters, vinyl blinds, shades, and so much more. For assistance in cleaning your window treatments, reach out to Oak Neck Cleaners by phone at 631-422-4339 for more information. We look forward to helping you keep your curtains clean!

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