The Benefits of Using a Professional Tailor

At Oak Neck Cleaners, we believe in putting our customers first when it comes to their laundry. While you’ve read about our dry cleaning, our delivery service, and consistent string of positive reviews left by deeply satisfied customers. But because we’re you’re one-stop clothing shop, we also offer tailoring, which today, isn’t offered by many. The benefits of using a professional tailor are many and we’re going to name a few. 

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Specialized Equipment & Quality Materials 

If you’ve ever had to sew a button on a sports coat, or had to place a patch on a denim vest, you know how time-consuming it can be. The advantage of a tailor is that they just don’t have a needle and thread or a sewing machine, they have several. Tailors rely on specialized equipment to handle a multitude of fabrics and materials, from suede to leather and everything in between. 

Because they believe in being prepared, tailors work with high-quality threads that can fix just about any accident or mishap that befalls your clothes. While there might be a reasonable amount of temptation to handle these problems yourself, a professional with a skilled hand can make them as good as new. 

Honest Advice and An Effective Fitting 

While everyone possesses their own unique style and flair, every so often we need that expert opinion on how to look our very best. If you’ve got a wedding to attend and want to either look like a million including tips or just want to impress the bridesmaids, you’ll get that sought-after expert advice for someone who knows the seams, inside and out. 

Once a decision is made, a tailor can utilize his trusty measuring tape to make sure your new clothes are a perfect fit. Not too snug, not too loose, but a perfect fit. After all, it’s their job to make you look good. 

Not Settling for Second

When it comes to shopping for any goods, there’s always been an expectation for people to settle instead of getting the very best. A tailor is there to provide a service that at times might seem antiquated to our modern sensibilities but can produce results that are first-rate and can’t be duplicated. 

Tailoring at Oakneck Cleaners

Speaking of services that can’t be duplicated, Oakneck Cleaners provides top-notch tailoring to help you look your very best. Unlike so many of our competitors, we’re the best full-service place that has you and your wardrobe’s best interests at heart. For a complete list of services and more information, pay us a visit at