The Benefits of Using a Dry Cleaning Service

Do you have to have a dry cleaning service ? Well, yes, sometimes; some kinds of clothes can only be dry cleaned. But what is dry cleaning? In simple terms, it’s cleaning clothes with some kind of fluid that’s not water. So, technically, it’s “dry” cleaning. Using other kinds of liquids than water to clean clothing can do a better job of removing grease and oils. Also, some kinds of fabrics that will shrink or distort in water, won’t in the dry-cleaning fluid. Dry cleaning can prevent loss of color, and texture, too. So, why do you need a professional dry cleaning service?

Dry Cleaning is Easier on Fabrics

Shirt Laundering at Oak Neck Cleaners

Modern, professional dry cleaners use products and techniques that treat fabrics more gently than what you can do at home with your washer and dryer. Dry cleaners are very experienced at cleaning delicate fabrics, and you will routinely get your clothes completely cleaned, and completely damage-free. And, your clothes will last longer, too.

Dry Cleaners are Detail Oriented

Professional dry cleaners are very detail-oriented, and they’ll do a consistent and thorough job of cleaning, ironing, folding, and keeping your clothes. With any professional dry cleaner, the only thing you need to do with your clothes is put them back where they belong. Professional dry cleaners will also pick up and return your clothes; you don’t even have to make the trip.

Dry Cleaners Know Stain and Odor Removal

Dry cleaners know stain and odor removal thoroughly; there’s no trial and error for either. Can you say the same? They’ll be able to do either, or both, without harming fabrics. Even if you have items that you think are irretrievably stained or odorous, let a professional dry cleaner judge them, before throwing them away.

Dry Cleaners Can Handle Large Items

Dry cleaners can clean curtains, rugs, comforters, and other large items that you cannot. They are very experienced at this. You’ll save lots of time by letting them do the cleaning.

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