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Tailoring is an art, it is not just a job for these talented artisans, but a way of creating something new. It could be as simple as replacing your buttons, or it might be a complete redesign of your favorite outfit, what ever you need we can do it!

Just wearing an expensive garment does not mean you will look good, it's all about the fit.

If your clothing fits you well, you will look good no matter how much it costs. Maybe you lost a few pounds and your clothing is a little looser than you would like it, we can fix that.

Give us a call, or stop in for a fitting, bring those outfits your not wearing anymore. We'll show you with a little work and less expense than you think, we can have your clothing looking great again. Our tailoring staff is available Monday through Saturday.

If you need further information, call us today, 631.422.4339 or email