West Islip Table Linen Cleaning

Careful laundering of your valuable table linens

west islip table linen cleanign services

Linen is a top choice for tablecloths and napkins because it is long wearing and releases stains. But it does require a little know-how to do the washing and stain removal right. Many of the methods and rules for handling linen are no longer common household knowledge. Moreover, newer products have replaced old stain removal methods.

It used to be that caring for a tablecloth meant washing it and hoping the stains came out with simple laundering or going through elaborate stain treatments to be sure the stains came out.

Oak Neck Cleaners has professional launderers that understand textiles and how to safely treat these items properly. Trust your fine linens to us and always launder your tablecloths immediately after using them. Doing it will keep your linens pristine and give you years of use from your tablecloths, napkins, placemats and runners.

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