Stains on Dry Clean Only Clothes

Unfortunately, stains happen. Stains are inconvenient and unsightly. They can also damage your clothing if not treated. Additionally, stains can be difficult to remove. This is especially true if you’ve accidentally stained a dry-clean-only piece of clothing. However, all hope is not lost if you’ve stained your favorite silk tie or leather boots. For tips on how to handle stains on dry-clean-only clothes, keep reading.

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First things first, check the label of the clothing you have stained. The label sewn into the clothing states the type of fabric the garment is made of. This label can also say what products to avoid, whether or not you should iron the piece, and whether or not you need to dry clean the clothing. Clothing made from silk, cashmere, leather, suede, or rayon should be cared for by a dry cleaner. Taking these pieces to a dry cleaner when they are stained can remove the stain and prevent further damage.

The second step to take when you find a stain on your dry-clean-only clothing is to identify the stain. Different types of stains require different types of care. For example, oil-based stains need to be cared for with baking soda, citrus-based degreasing agents, or dishwashing liquid. On the other hand, protein stains, like stains formed from meat, grass, urine, blood, or vomit, need to be cared for with ammonia, peroxide, or high-quality detergent without dyes. Other types of stains, which require unique care, include ink stains, sweat stains, and food stains.

Before you drop off your clothing at a dry cleaner, scrape off any excess on the clothing. If your garment is stained by makeup, sauce, or lotion, blot the area with a clean cloth and cold water. If you neglect to do this, the stain could spread and make removal more difficult.

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