Specialty Dry Cleaning

Bay Shore Best Speciality Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning services are much more than cleaning suits and pressing shirts. Oak Neck Cleaners has a number of specialty services you may not be aware of, so we will summarize them below. Please stop by or give us a call if you have any questions about these services or others we can provide.

Seasonal Wardrobe Service

When changing seasons, many customers store their previous season’s clothes in their closets or storage bins without proper cleaning, or they store the clothing in hot closets or attics without proper protection from the climate or insects. Bring your seasonal clothing to Oak Neck Cleaners and we will then clean them properly before placing them in climate-controlled storage until you need them again. Proper cleaning before storage ensures your garments won’t have insects or dirt and grime which could damage them while they are stored away. Call us for more information or to arrange pickup or delivery using our free service.


Good neckties can be expensive, and cleaning them incorrectly can ruin them. Silk ties in particular should never be cleaned at home, bring them to Oak Neck Cleaners and let us give them our careful treatment. Even rubbing a tie to remove a stain can ruin it, so don’t attempt to clean ties yourself, we are ready to help.


Another expensive accessory are your handbags, and they need periodic cleaning to keep them in good condition. We will carefully clean and refurbish your bags to keep them looking great. This is another item you should never use water on to remove a spot, as you can permanently damage the handbag.


Expensive couture clothing can be easily damaged by incorrect cleaning processes. Our experts will assess each couture garment and give it individual attention. We review the materials, construction, detailing, and any accessories such as buttons or ornamentation. We may use dry cleaning, laundering, or careful hand washing to give your couture the proper cleaning procedure. Once the garment is cleaned and dried we will carefully inspect it and package it to prevent damage. Your wardrobe is important to you, and proper care of it is important to us at Oak Neck Cleaners.

Cleaning Fur Garments

Fur is very durable, but it needs periodic care to keep it clean and undamaged. Properly maintained, fur can last your lifetime. Storing fur garments in your closet can damage them as they can lose moisture and begin to crack and prematurely age. Fur should be cleaned and conditioned regularly, then stored away from excessive summer heat. We also use a glazing process which maintains the fur’s natural oils to prevent premature damage. We can store your garments in climate-controlled storage to keep them at an optimum condition until you need them again.

Costumes and mascots

Do you have a mascot or other costume you wear regularly? If so, imagine how much more pleasant it would be having a clean costume for your next event. Oak Neck Cleaners can carefully clean and condition mascot or other costumes inside and out to help extend their life and make it much more pleasant for you when you are inside the costume. If we see any damage, we will notify you before making any repairs. We can also store your mascot or other costume during the off-season so it will be ready to go next year.

Oak Neck Cleaners is a full-service laundry and dry cleaning operation. If you have a specialty cleaning job contact us today; we will have the proper skills and equipment to clean and restore virtually everything. Don’t let your specialty garments and other items get damaged by improper cleaning or storage — bring them to Oak Neck Cleaners, or call us for free pickup.

If you need further information, call us today, 631.422.4339 or email charlie@oakneckcleaners.com.