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There are some items in our homes that are neglected when it comes to cleaning. When we’re cleaning our homes, sometimes we forget that our area rugs need tending to. Don’t let your area rugs collect dirt, dust, and debris. Instead, have them professionally hand washed. By having your area rug professionally hand washed, you can be sure your rug is getting the deep clean it deserves. You can clean your entire home, but tracking the dirt and dust from your area rug will defeat the purpose of cleaning at all! To learn more about area rug cleaning services, continue reading this blog post.

west islip area rug cleaners

Area rugs of all shapes and sizes can be hand washed. Whether you have a large rug in your living room or a smaller one under your bed, these area rugs can be cared for and cleaned with ease. Oak Neck Cleaners specializes in cleaning area rugs by hand and has plenty of experience getting that deep-rooted dirt and dust out. When you seek Oak Neck Cleaners for your area rug cleaning needs, you can also enjoy the pickup and delivery services we provide. Area rugs are hard and annoying to move, which may be why some people skip out on cleaning them. Instead of dealing with this hassle on your own, we here at Oak Neck Cleaners have you covered. We will pick up your area rug, hand clean it, and deliver it back to you as part of our services. We will even provide a complimentary consultation before we pick up your area rug.

Our professional cleaners and technicians at Oak Neck Cleaners inspect every rug to determine which cleaning process is best for stain removal and cleaning. After cleaning thousands of rugs, we know what is best for yours. If you’re interested in our hand rug cleaning services, our pick-up and delivery options, our eco-friendly solvents, and our pet-friendly cleaning solutions, definitely reach out to us at Oak Neck Cleaners today! Contact us by phone at 631-422-4339 or email at info@oakneckcleaners.com to set up your free consultation.

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