Signs You May Need Wash, Dry & Fold Services

Doing laundry is certainly a never-ending cycle and it doesn’t always go without incident when we have a go at it ourselves. Oak Neck Cleaners highlights compelling reasons why utilizing a wash, dry, and fold service is a smart decision.

dry cleaning service near babylonGarment Damage

Letting attire sit for a while before washing it can lead to any existing stains becoming settled into the fabric and difficult or impossible to remove. It is also frustrating when clothes wind up shrinking or sustain rips from using an older washing machine. Since each type of material needs special care, a professional dry cleaner knows how to launder your clothes correctly.

Lifespan Compromised

Improper cleansing of our garbs can shorten their longevity because of fading color or deterioration of the fabrics. Many materials require careful washing methods but they are often ignored due to the daunting task. A reputable laundry service will adhere to the guidelines of every article of clothing to ensure that all your items remain in proper condition without damaging mishaps. 

Oh, the Folding

After a long day of working or occupying young children, one of the worst sights is a dryer full of garments ready to be folded. Many of us glance inside, quickly close the door, and vow to do it ‘later’. And so, unsightly wrinkles unfortunately find their new homes…on our clothes! Then, the laborious job of ironing must begin. The entire headache can easily be avoided by simply handing your laundry bundle over to a competent dry cleaning service in the first place.

Utility and Maintenance Expenses

Sometimes intended money-saving tasks are not as cost-effective in the long run after the time and effort we’ve put in. The convenience of having a washing machine and dryer right at home is extremely handy, but you must pay for expenses such as electricity, water, detergent, routine maintenance, and repairs if needed. 


Time is a precious commodity and the clock doesn’t pause for washing clothes. By leaving this tiresome chore to a reliable laundry service, you can enjoy doing activities with friends and family instead. Or, you may choose to carve out some time just for yourself!

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