Shirt Laundering vs Dry Cleaning

With so many different materials of clothing available now, it can be hard to know the best way to clean them.  Many people assume all clothes should be dry-cleaned, but many of them can actually be laundered and pressed instead!  Oak Neck Cleaners is here to help you decide the best way to keep all your clothes looking as great as possible for years to come.

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The main difference between dry cleaning and laundering is the process of cleaning the clothes.  Dry cleaning involves solvents that have no water to remove any stains before they’re pressed.  Laundering, on the other hand, utilizes water and detergent.  A commercial-grade washing machine is used to cleanse and sanitize all the garments, and they are then pressed individually. 

Opting for laundering when possible can be extremely beneficial for extending the life of your clothing.  It’s more effective at removing oil and sweat from many types of fabric, so it’s a great choice for cleaning cotton tops and dress shirts.  The process is much more gentle than dry cleaning, so your fabrics will hold up and keep their shape longer.  Darks will stay darker longer, and whites and colors will stay brighter!

You do need to be mindful of the types of fabrics you need to be cleaned when deciding between laundering and dry cleaning.  Natural fibers like wool and silk should always be dry-cleaned.  Water can severely damage these fabrics and even cause changes in texture and shape.  You’ll also want to opt for dry cleaning for any stains.  One of the great features of this service is that experienced cleaners look at each piece of clothing and inspect them for any stains or other damage so that they can be treated properly.  If your stained clothes get laundered, any spots may be missed and even set in permanently in the cleaning process.  

Oak Neck Cleaners is the best option for all services in West Islip and surrounding areas for all your tailoring, laundering, dry cleaning, and more!  We are now using SENSENE, a biodegradable and environmentally safe cleaning process that is non-toxic and chemical-free!  Not only can you look great with well-cleaned and laundered clothes, but you can rest assured that the process is safe for your garments and the environment!  Give us a call at (631) 422-4339.  We are conveniently located at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York.  Don’t forget that we offer pick-up and delivery for the ultimate convenience!