Say Goodbye to Stubborn Stains with Dry Cleaning

Stains happen to even the most careful of us. If you stain your clothing with wine, sweat, or oil, you may fear that your clothing is beyond repair. However, you can say goodbye to even the most stubborn of stains with dry cleaning. 

dry cleaners near bay shoreDry cleaning is exactly what it sounds like. The process of dry cleaning involves using a liquid solvent to clean articles of clothing, rather than water. By using a cleaning solution made from a petroleum base, instead of soap and water, dry cleaning is able to carefully remove stains from even the most delicate fabric.

The first thing professional dry cleaners do when they receive your clothing is inspect the garments. They look for the stains, as well as take note of the fabric of the clothing. Then, a professional applies a pre-treatment spotting agent that is specifically designed for breaking down stains and loosening the particles.

Up next, your clothing is placed in a dry cleaning machine. The cleaning solution is added to the machine and gently, slowly penetrated into the fibers of your garment.

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the solvent is filtered to remove any remaining particles or impurities that may have collected. This filtration process allows the solvent to be reused, which reduces waste and environmental impact.

Lastly, a professional dry cleaner will press and steam your garment to be sure it is presentable and ready to be worn.

Dry cleaners can remove an array of stains. Oil-based stains are considered some of the hardest stains to remove at home with standard laundry products. Grease, oil, and butter tend to firmly stick to fabric, but dry cleaning solvents have degreasing properties that break down these stains with ease.

Wine, coffee, and tea stains are another type of stain that is considered nearly impossible to remove. However, dry cleaning solvents lift these stains and minimize their visibility, so you can continue to wear your garments for years to come. With a dry cleaning solvent, these types of stains won’t cause discoloration.

Sweat stains and body odor tend to stick to clothing and can feel impossible to remove with your at-home washer and detergent. If you have workout gear that you are struggling to clean, you can take your pieces to a dry cleaner to solve this problem. A professional can work with delicate fabrics to refresh your clothes, remove odor, and erase armpit stains.

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