Save Time & Money by Getting Your Dry Cleaning Delivered

Caring for your clothes is key. Whether you want to maintain the quality of your suit or clean your suede jacket, dry cleaning is the best way to care for certain garments. Even though dry cleaning is the best way to clean some clothing, it can be a hassle getting to and from the cleaners. Instead of dropping off and picking up your clothes, save time and money by getting your dry cleaning delivered.

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We know you’re busy. You might spend long days at the office, or perhaps you have kids who are heavily involved in after-school activities. Whatever the case may be, we are here to accommodate your busy lifestyle. At Oak Neck Cleaners, we offer delivery services that save you time. You don’t even need to be home to benefit from our delivery services. If you leave your garment bag at a specified spot, we will do the rest.

Gas is expensive, so you don’t want to drive more than you have to. By reducing your time on the road, you can also reduce the amount of money you spend on fuel. You can receive delivery services from Oak Neck Cleaners to save money on gas and enjoy remarkable convenience.

Life is stressful. Between your busy schedule, your family’s needs, and finances, taking your laundry to the cleaners can feel like a hassle. Instead of stressing out, sit back, relax, and let Oak Neck Cleaners handle everything. We offer dry cleaning delivery twice a week. We will automatically come to your address twice a week to either pick up or deliver your laundry. We take your dry cleaning to our state-of-the-art plant and use only the most high-quality cleaning products. We even offer alterations. All you have to do is pin instructions to your garment and we will handle your alteration requests.

If you would like to enjoy our pickup and delivery dry cleaning services, visit our website and fill out our quick form. Depending on your location, we offer services Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. You can also learn more information about our services by calling us at 631-422-4339. We hope to work with you soon!