Proper Prevention of Clothes Moths

It seems it wasn’t too long ago that the internet was “a buzz” with a plentiful amount of moth memes. While these were strictly meant to entertain and provide a laugh or two, the reality of moths is far less light-hearted. This is especially true if you have a wardrobe of fine linens that you enjoy wearing. Clothes moths can present themselves as one of the single biggest threats to your threads. Don’t fear, today we’ll be going over a few ways to prevent their pesky methods of destruction. 

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The Home: Your First Line of Defense 

Effective prevention against moths begins in the home, which is your first line of defense against not just moths, but other types of unwanted visitors that tend to show up uninvited. During the warmer months, giving your house a proper cleaning in those hard-to-reach places can be and should be the first step you take. Another method that can deter moths from gathering in your home is to spray your carpets with lavender, which is a natural moth repellent. 

Clothes Management

Depending upon which geographic location you live in, you might have two sets of wardrobes that you utilize during the changing seasons. The question is–how do you store them when they’re not in use? If you simply put them in a box and tuck them away in your attic, this is a surefire way to attract moths. Before putting your clothes away, wash them thoroughly and store them in an area in your home that’s well-ventilated. Another way you can help keep moths away from your clothes is to use cedar chips. These kill the moth larvae and act as an effective repellent. The effectiveness tends to fade with their scent, so be vigilant in your usage. 

“Seven at One Blow” 

Much like the brave little tailor who wanted to get rid of flies gathering around his sandwich, you can knock away the infestation with due diligence. Id f you notice any recurring problems with your wardrobe, give them a thorough washing. It’s also advisable to have the affected clothes dry-cleaned by a professional service who can rid you of the problem once and for all. 

Oak Neck Dry Cleaners 

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