Professionally Cleaning Your Comforter

You may love the look and feel of that down comforter that got you through the last brutal winter, but now that spring is here, and summer isn’t far behind, you may need to get that down comforter off your bed and to the cleaners for a good spring cleaning. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your down comforter will be ready to go when fall arrives, and the weather starts to turn chilly.

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About that Comforter

Of course, if you want to stick your down comforter in the washing machine, you can. Natural down comforters are perfectly fine being washed and dried. The problem comes with fitting them into your washer or dryer. You’re not going to want to damage either machine with a heavy, bulky comforter.

Instead, take your comforter to have it washed professionally. While a dry cleaner won’t need to dry clean your down comforter, as it will damage the down, they have industrial sized washers and dryers to make sure your bulky down comforter gets properly washed and dried. One pro tip: be sure that your dry cleaner does not use fabric softener, as that will affect the down of your comforter. Instead, have them use gentle soap and wash in cold water only so that the down doesn’t shrink.

After the comforter is washed and dried, you’ll then be able to put it in storage, so it will be all ready for the next cold snap.

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