Prep Your Clothing for Dry Cleaning with These Tips

Dry cleaning is a remarkable way to have your clothes properly cleaning and cared for. With dry cleaning, your clothes can maintain their quality, while also receiving a deep and effective clean. If you’ve decided to enjoy the dry cleaning services provided by Oak Neck cleaners, the following blog post features tips on how to prep your clothes for dry cleaning.

Clothing to be Dry Cleaned

The first tip in prepping your clothes for dry cleaning is picking which clothes you will have cleaned. Most clothing that requires dry cleaning will tell you on the tag. In addition to clothing with tags that read “dry clean only,” you may want to include delicate clothing, such as dresses, suits, leathers, and furs.

Next, empty the pockets of your clothing that will be dry cleaned. Even though we check the pockets before cleaning, we suggest you empty your pockets before dropping your clothes off or having them picked up. This way, you can make sure you have no important items in the pockets before we receive the garments. Additionally, you can reduce the risk of damaging your clothing by removing any makeup, food, or pens that may be in your pockets.

Next, mark any stained areas of your clothing. If you want to be sure we remove the stains in your clothing, point out these stains so we can target these areas directly during the dry cleaning process. This takes away the guesswork and assures that you will get the service you desire.

Now that you know several tips related to preparing your clothing for dry cleaning, you’re ready to contact us at Oak Neck Cleaners! Prep your clothing for dry cleaning, then contact us for a free pick up! You can reach Oak Neck Cleaners at 631-422-4339. You can also drop off your dry cleaning at our location, 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip.

Prep Your Clothing for Dry Cleaning in West Islip