Oak Neck Cleaners: Pick Up & Deliver Dry Cleaning Services

Why bother about doing your laundry when you can sow that time in something else and still reap the benefits of thoroughly washed, dried and ironed shirts, trousers, gowns, duvets, sweatshirts, linens, rugs, and blankets by the Oak Neck Cleaners team?

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Are you one of those signed up to a dry cleaning service already but still drop off your dirty laundry by driving there? And when your laundry is done and all set to wear or drape over your chairs or floors, you drive down to the laundry store and pick them up as well?

We offer you better by helping you save on:

  • Wasted leisure time.
  • Time spent on the road driving to and from your laundry store.
  • Money wasted on filling up your fuel tank.

It is high time you considered a switch to a dry cleaning service that manages your laundry Pick Up & Delivery without suggesting you leave your home or the fun things you are doing.

Pick-Up Service

For a freemium, we pick up from your home or office premises 2 times a week. Here are quick instructions to follow to get the best out of our Pick Up service:

  • Write and pin your dry cleaning instructions to your dirty laundry.
  • Place your dirty laundry in an Oak Neck Cleaners garment bag.
  • Choose a spot in your homestead and leave your garment bag there.
  • When we do our Pick Up runs, we will collect it.

After collection, your dirty laundry will be driven in our van to our state-of-the-art dry cleaning plant and we will have the cleaning done.

Pick-Up days: Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday. Location dependent!

Delivery Service

Let us know in the Pick-Up and Delivery Service Form if you would like your shirts delivered on a hanger or in a box. And also inform us if you would like free door hooks for hanging your clothes – and at no additional fee! You can also include specific delivery instructions for us.

With our Pick Up & Delivery dry cleaning services, we have you covered from when your worn clothes drop in the laundry basket too when they arrive all shiny, neatly ironed and hanging from suitable hangers. We are at 945-4 Montauk Hwy. West Islip, NY 11795 but for your convenience, call us on 631-422-4339 on Monday through Friday (7 am – 7 pm) and on Saturday (8 am – 6 pm).