Oak Neck Cleaners Offers Upholstery Cleaning

Oak Neck Cleaners provides a wide spectrum of services for patrons. Although we are well-known for unsurpassable dry cleaning services time and time again, we offer so much more. Our cleaning services are not just for clothing and personal items, but also for carpets, curtains, and drapery. Another one of our specialties offered to customers is the cleaning of the upholstery.

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It seems that the more people try to protect their upholstered furniture, the more often spills happen. This dilemma is pretty much inevitable because accidents are bound to occur now and then. It is very important to think fast and take care of spills immediately so as not to damage the fabric; however, sometimes the spills do cause harm. Aside from spills, everyday dust and debris can build up over time and become unsightly as well.

If your upholstery looks drab or is blemished by stains, make sure that you give it good vacuuming prior to attempting any cleaning process. It is always important to vacuum first because if dust and debris are present and you wet the material, it will look worse. If your upholstery needs more than vacuuming to revive its former good looks, contact an expert in the field to assess the situation.

Our knowledgeable technician will come to your home and carefully inspect the fabric in order to decide which removal procedure is best for the particular stain(s) or other grime. You will then be provided with a free estimate to have the work performed at your convenience. Let us turn back the hands of time by transforming your upholstery once again into its original pristine self!

Oak Neck Cleaners is a trusted dry-cleaning establishment that offers customers effective upholstery cleaning as one of its many services. We are located at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, NY, and may be contacted at (631) 422-4339.