National Laundry Day

There are a lot of holidays we celebrate in the spring, but none may be as fun for us as National Laundry Day. What a perfect day for anyone who loves clean clothes and linens! If you haven’t ever heard about National Laundry Day, here is some more information about the holiday.

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What Is National Laundry Day?

National Laundry Day is held every April 15th. It is a celebration of clean clothes and household items, as well as the innovations that made laundry possible. The word laundry is from two words from the Welsh language–one lloon (which meant crazy) and dyrte (or dirty). In other words, crazy dirty. That seems appropriate to describe some of the clothes we’ve seen over the years.

The first washing and drying machine ads appeared at the turn of the 20th century, and large laundries became very important. These laundries handed clothing from cowboys, miners, and other business people in the West. The first commercial dry cleaners actually opened in the 1820s, and dry cleaning garments, especially suits, were the mark of a gentleman. Dry cleaners became the experts for getting stains out of anything, and perfect finishing the garment so that it looked brand new.

Today’s dry cleaners use all sorts of cleaning methods to get your garments as clean and pressed as possible. Dry cleaners also work to preserve garments for future use. With proper dry cleaning, expensive materials such as leather and suede can last for a lifetime.

Why not celebrate National Laundry Day by bringing your laundry to someone else to do? This is the perfect time to get your winter things cleaned and put away until next year. We can clean your winter comforters, leather, suede, and even your Uggs! Come by and see us at 945-4 Montauk Highway, West Islip, New York, 11795. You can also give us a call at 631.422.4339.