Myths about Cleaning Table Linens

Tablecloths are most commonly made from linen, whether new or vintage. Linen is a beautiful, soft material that only gets softer with age. Also durable, linen can achieve an incredibly high quality when cared for properly. If you own tablecloths, whether new or vintage, be sure to treat them with care to achieve remarkable softness, appearance, and elegance.

Table Linen Cleaning in Bay Shore

There are two main myths surrounding linen tablecloths. The first myth is that stains can be removed from tablecloths when washed at home. This is only partially true. There are two types of stains, water-based and oil-based. A water-based stain is caused by things such as coffee or red wine spins. Most of these stains can come out of linen tablecloths with special stain removers at home. However, oil-based stains require professional attention. These stains come from gravy, butter, or salad dressing spills and may look clean after they are washed, but these stains can actually seep into the linen and deteriorate it’s quality.

The second myth is that if a cloth appears clean after washing, then the cloth must be clean. As mentioned before, this is not true. Stains, dirt, and debris may disappear from a linen tablecloth after it is washed, but that does not mean that the fabric is free of these contaminants. Sometimes the fabric absorbs the spills and can wear with use, or even attract insects.

Now that you’re aware of these myths, you may be asking how you can truly clean your linen tablecloths. The answer is Oak Neck Cleaners. Our team of professional cleaners is trained to handle fine linen, whether brand new or vintage. You can trust our team with your linen tablecloths, so reach out to us at 631-422-4339 for additional information about our services or to schedule a cleaning.

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