Make Your Suit Last!

The perfect suit is an investment. This article of clothing is well-designed, high quality, and tailored to your body. Whether you wear your suit to business meetings or special occasions, you want this timeless piece to last as long as possible. Learn how to care for your suit and improve its lifespan by reading on.

To get the most out of your suit, you should treat it with care and respect. Instead of tossing your suit aside when changing, be sure to hang the piece up or take it to a dry cleaner after wear. A professional dry cleaner can keep your suit in prime condition. Consider taking your suit to the dry cleaners on a routine basis, but not too frequently that it is over washed.

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In between wears, make sure to brush the suit to keep it clean. Dirt accumulates easily on clothing, so keep the dirt away with a soft bristled brush. Another way to keep your suit looking its best is pressing. Sometimes suits sit in the back of the closet, waiting for a special occasion. To keep a suit from forming unflattering creases, press the suit to maintain its shape.

Keep a watchful eye on your suit. If you accidentally spill coffee, brush up against a dusty piece of furniture, or walk through the mud in your suit, be sure to clean the suit as soon as possible. Look out for stains, dirt, and signs of wear. If your suit gets a snag, repair it immediately to avoid further damages.

Allow us at Oak Neck Cleaners to care for your suit. Our team of professionals is trained to clean suits and maintain their high quality. We offer free pick up and delivery dry cleaning services, or you can drop off your suit at our West Islip location at 945-4 Montauk Highway. For additional details about our suit cleaning services, feel free to give us a call at 631-422-4339 or email us at

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