Make Sure Your Table Linens Are Ready for the Holiday’s

It’s almost the holidays, which means it’s almost time to break out your best table linens. If you keep your linens in storage, they may need to be cared for before you can use them. Make sure your table linens are ready for the holidays.

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If you take your table linens out of storage and notice they are dusty, dirty, stained, wrinkled, or have an odor, take them to Oak Neck Cleaners. At Oak Neck Cleaners, our staff is professionally trained to clean table linens. We make sure your linens are clean and fresh so you can impress your guests.

We know how to get the tough stains out. If you’ve recently hosted a dinner party and you or a guest accidentally spilled something on your table linens, we can remove those stains with ease. We understand how to remove specific types of stains, including grease stains and wine stains. No stain is too stubborn for Oak Neck Cleaners. Our elaborate treatments can conquer stains and leave your linens looking like new.

Not only do we know how to remove various types of stains, but we know how to care for specific types of fabrics and textiles. We know not all table linens are made from the same materials, so we will identify the type of material your linens are made from before cleaning them. You can trust us with your fine linens and tablecloths, so reach out to us to schedule a cleaning before the holidays.

You can get in touch with Oak Neck Cleaners by calling 631-422-4339. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our table linen cleaning services. You can also email us at for more details. If you want to drop off your linens at our location, stop by 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York. Otherwise, you can call us to schedule a free pick up and delivery.

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