Make Sure You Have Your Table Linens Cleaned for Your Next Party

The two most widely considered materials for tablecloths are Egyptian cotton and linen. With linen’s history being quite storied, perhaps the earliest incarnation of tablecloth itself was in the service of a poet named Martial. Despite the poet’s death in c. 103 AD, Martial made sure to mention such linens in his poetry — no doubt about its ingenious methods in ensuring their ornate tables’ cleanliness!

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As it turns out, we as a species haven’t changed much, in this regard. We still prefer our tables in tip-top order, and we rely on tablecloths, especially linen tablecloths, to get the job done. Covering your tables with linen tablecloths, while setting an elegant tone for your meal, also ensures cleanliness and creates a nice, calming, tranquil experience. While high-quality linen tablecloths are quite expensive for the first-time payer, as time goes on, they actually prove to be cost-effective compared to paper and plastic linens, as they aren’t as durable as pure fabric because of their long, durable fibers. Pristine cloths, napkins, placemats, and linens will only heighten your sense of distinguished style during dinnertime.

Even if there are spills, because life happens, full-service dry cleaners like Oak Neck Cleaners will be able to help you. Providing pick up and delivery in West Islip and the surrounding area, we not only provide cleaning services for your table linens, but we do the same for dry cleaning, tailoring, shirt laundering, wedding gowns, ugg cleaning, carpet, window treatments, leather and suede, comforters, upholstery, and even curtains. We only perform the highest quality services to match your high-quality table linens to help you create an unforgettable experience. Whether for a party or any other formal event, our professional launderers pride themselves in not only treating your textiles safely but cleaning and drying them with the utmost patience and efficiency.

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