Looking to Clean Your Leather Boots? Follow These Tips!

Leather boots are stylish and rugged, perfect for the colder months of the year. However, your leather boots will likely get dirty when walking through the snow, slush, salt, and ice during the winter time. If you want to learn how to care for your leather boots, just continue reading this blog post.

Leather Boots

Caring for leather can be difficult. You want to maintain the material’s quality, while also getting the product thoroughly cleaned. That is why it is sometimes best to leave the cleaning up to the professionals. At Oak Neck Cleaners, we offer leather cleaning services that are gentle, as well as effective.

The first step of cleaning leather is removing any surface debris. If there is mud or dust on the boots, this must be cleaned off. Buffing any debris into leather can damage the boots. So, we first remove the surface debris so we can get a deeper clean that is also safe.

With special brushes, rags, and soaps, we lather the boots and buff them clean. The soaps we use are tested to make sure they won’t stain the leather of your boots. Some soaps do stain leather, which is another reason you should consider taking this material to Oak Neck Cleaners. Don’t run the risk of ruining your leather boots by caring for them on your own. Instead, know your boots are in good hands at Oak Neck Cleaners.

Once the leather boots have been properly cleaned, we condition them. Conditioning boots adds moisture to the leather, keeping it soft and hydrated and maintaining its quality. After the conditioner has set it, we polish your boots. Polishing leather adds some shine that makes your boots look brand new.

To enjoy the benefits of our leather cleaning services at Oak Neck Cleaners, call us today! You can reach us at 631-422-4339. We offer free pick up and drop off services, so you don’t even need to leave your home to have your favorite leather boots cared for.

How to Clean Leather Boots in Bay Shore and Babylon, NY