Keeping Your Clothes Looking New

Caring for clothing isn’t always easy, especially if you are dealing with designer pieces or unique fabrics. When you purchase clothing, you want to get as much wear out of your clothing as possible. To do so, while keeping your clothes like-new, read on.

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When you’re taking off your jacket, coat, or shoes, let these items air out for at least 30 minutes before storing them in your closet. This can help your pieces stay fresh. This can also help you keep your closet smelling nice. Don’t forget to rotate these pieces with other items in your wardrobe. Wearing the same coat or pair of shoes every day will cause them to wear faster.

Don’t leave the light in your closet on and don’t leave garments near the window. Doing so can actually cause the colors of your clothing to fade. Dyes are sensitive to light exposure.

When using lotions, sunscreen, perfume, and hairspray, avoid direct contact with your clothing. Apply perfume and hairspray before getting dressed because the alcohol in these products can cause discoloration, staining, and fading. Lotion and sunscreen can also cause staining and fading, so be careful when heading to the beach.

Never hang wet clothing in your closet. Doing so can lead to mildew. Instead, hang your clothing in an open space to promote proper drying. Another way mildew collects is through humidity and plastic bag storage. Keep your clothing out of plastic bags and in dry spots that are low in humidity. Doing so can expand the life of your favorite pieces.

Following these tips can help you care for your clothing. For help caring for your favorite pieces of clothing, reach out to Oak Neck Cleaners. We can help you tend to all of your clothes, including leather jackets, Ugg boots, and even your wedding dress. To schedule a free pick up and delivery, call 631-422-4339 today!