Keeping Your Athletic Clothing Fresh

Researchers estimate that 20% of people play a sport and exercise every day. While that is great for your health and well being, it may not be good for your athletic clothing. If they are not cared for properly, your athletic outfits may become smelly and look worn out. How can you keep your athletic clothing fresh? We have some thoughts.

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When you or your children are playing sports, you’ll need to separate the clothing in order to wash them. Depending on the sport, the clothing will need to be cared for differently. For example, if you have shin guards, they may need to be washed in a different load than team jerseys. Separating the clothes makes it easier to wash each type of athletic wear perfectly.

The Sooner Washed, the Fresher

When your children are entering puberty, you’ll want to wash their athletic wear as soon as you get home. Why is that necessary? Puberty makes the sweat glands more active–which means more stinky. The longer you leave those clothes out before you wash them, the stinkier they will get overtime. As soon as you and the kids get home, stick those nasty clothes in the wash immediately. That way, the smell of sweat won’t permeate your house.


While we’re on the subject of smelly athletic clothes and washing them right away, you may want to kill two birds with one stone by pretreating them. If you stick the dirty clothes in the sink in the laundry room with some stain remover to soak, you could then stick them in the washer in the morning.

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