Keep Your Leather and Suede Clean

It is easy to throw your favorite cardigan or pair of leggings in the washer and dryer during the winter season. Each of these garments is usually machine made and sewn from cotton or spandex blended fabrics, as well as cotton knits. However, your favorite leather and suede goods that you wear during the winter season need special care. Here is some information about the care and cleaning of leather and suede.

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About Leather and Suede

The first thing you need to remember about leather and suede is that each piece of leather or suede that you own is unique, because it comes from a different animal. Also, as you
wear leather and suede, it conforms to your body much as shoe leather conforms to your feet. If the leather or suede has been dyed, it further alters the texture of the fabric.

To keep both leather and suede as clean as possible, you need to avoid wearing it when it is actively snowing or raining outside. While many cleaners can waterproof pieces of leather and suede as much as possible, to get the best results, you’ll want to keep your leather and suede out of wet weather. If you spill or drip something on your leather or suede garments, remove the drip or spill as quickly as possible.

In the past, dry cleaners might have used the wet cleaning method to clean both leather and suede, but modern cleaners have different ways of cleaning these products so that the chemicals in wet cleaning don’t harm your fabrics. You’ll want to bring your leather and suede goods to a professional cleaner who is well-versed in cleaning these special fabrics so that your investment in fine clothing can give you years of fabulous looks.

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