Items that Need Dry-Cleaning: A Reference Guide

A ritual of adulthood that’s become somewhat of a lost art is taking in dry cleaning to be professionally done. Despite the effectiveness of detergent pods, there are some things that need a gentle hand, and one that knows how to operate the machinery that’s needed to properly dry clean the items in question. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of dry cleaning, we’ve gathered up a short list of items that need that special touch. First clue—the tag will read “dry clean only.”
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  • Anything with beads, metal studs or sequins. We don’t recommend tempting fate by running an item with these through the wash—unless you enjoy unsightly disasters.
  • Dark Colored Silks can sometimes be hand washed, but repeated cleanings can potentially ruin colors. If you want to avoid this risk altogether, it’s best to get them professionally serviced.
  • Suits aren’t normally worn every day, unless you’re a mortician or have an eccentric fashion sense. Possibly both. Because it’s a rare occasion that calls for them, taking them to be cleaned before that wedding is recommended.
  • Pleats are usually found in kilts. If you want to look your best at the next caber tossing, professional cleaning is the only way to go.
  • Stained Beyond Recognition is usually the case when you have small children in the house, or larger ones who enjoy a raucous party from time to time. No matter how severe the stains may be, a professional dry cleaner can correct the problem.
  • Rayon and Chiffon stains are only good on these when they’re gone. Despite the recommendation that you hand wash these garments, it’s best to take these to the pros. Much like wool, they can shrink when exposed to heat.
  • Lining The golden rule is if you have an article of clothing with a lining, you shouldn’t attempt to clean it on your own. Water can cause irreversible damage and it’s best to trust a steady hand.
  • Anything Leather MUST be professionally cleaned. Whether you’re heading out to the highway on your bike or acting in your local theatre’s production of Grease, don’t try cleaning it at home.
  • Furs Your significant other might look like Venus in first, but she’ll have your hide if you don’t have them professionally cleaned.

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