How to Tell If Your Upholstery Needs to Be Cleaned

There are very few experiences more enjoyable than sprawling across your couch after a long and stressful day or having company over to kick back their feet and enjoy a film or two. But, when you take a seat, you notice that something might be rotten in the state of Denmark. While your couch provides a significant amount of comfort, it can also grow quite unpleasant with odors over time. If you’re unsure if your couch is overdue for a cleaning, here are some signs to look (or smell) out for. 

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Stains on the Upholstery 

This is one of the most recognizable signs that a couch cleaning is due. Many people partake in the life hack of flipping the cushion over or hiding it behind a pillow or throw rug, but this is more of a quick fix than a comparable solution. While some stains can be scrubbed off, others tend to linger, which signifies that your couch needs to be cleaned. 

Beneath the Surface 

Depending upon what material your couch is made of, there’s a significant chance that it’s accumulated a lot of allergens over time. Just like a carpeted floor, anyone who’s come into contact with your couch, be they guests or pets, might have tucked in some pollen or other unwelcome guests from the outside world. An excellent thing to of from time to time is to look underneath the cushions. If you notice any sort of discoloration, a thorough cleaning might be in order. 

Resisting the Temptation to Upgrade 

We can usually tell when something that we own is past its prime. If you’re looking at your couch and it seems like a shell of its former self, you might get the urge to buy a new one. Well, you would be surprised at just how new a couch looks after being revitalized after a cleaning. Besides, it’s much cheaper than purchasing a new one.

Oak Neck Cleaners 

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