How to Prepare Your Clothes to be Dry Cleaned

So, what do you do to your clothes to get them ready for dry cleaning? It’s not terribly complicated but there are a few preparatory steps you may prefer over balling them up and tossing them into the car. Here’s what you should do before sending your clothes to Oak Neck Cleaners for outstanding dry cleaning service.

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How to Prepare Your Clothes for Dry Cleaning

  • Select Clothes for Dry Cleaning
      • The first step is obvious: figure out which clothes require dry cleaning and prioritize them. You can tell from the tags which items are “dry clean only,” but then there may be other articles you wish to include as well. Some patrons don’t know this, but you can actually dry clean comforters as well as leather/suede items.
  • Empty the Pockets
      • Nothing is worse than losing something important when it falls out of a pocket or gets washed during dry cleaning. You should empty all pants and shirt pockets to protect them from damage as well. If you leave an ink pen in a pair of dress pants, you risk having it break in the wash, leaving a difficult stain to remove.
  • Show us the Stains That Need the Most Attention
      • Of course, if you incur a tough stain, we can assist you with that. It’s a good idea to show us these so that we can devote extra attention to them. Even if you forget, don’t worry because we always examine the clothes we receive, but it’s a good idea in case we miss something subtle.
  • Identify Missing Buttons and Alterations
      • Finally, take a moment or two to inventory your clothes for missing buttons and any alterations you might require. This is also a good time to brush off pet hair, if applicable, unbutton all the shirts, and fold everything neatly before heading over to Oak Neck Cleaners.

That’s all there is to it. You can leave the hard stuff to us. We can handle almost anything you send our way, including shirt laundering, uggs, wedding gowns, carpets, and more.

We offer thorough and reliable dry cleaning with a fast turnaround time at Oak Neck Cleaners. This is what we’ve done for four decades as a dependable company with an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can learn more about all our services by calling 631-422-4339.