How to Clean & Sanitize a Face Mask or Covering

These days, we are all doing something we never imagined ourselves doing in our lifetime–wearing a face mask. Because of COVID 19 and the risk of infection, we are all adhering to state and local guidelines with regard to wearing masks in public so that we don’t become ill. If you are wondering how to get those face masks you and your family are wearing every day clean and sanitized so that you can stay safe, we have some tips for you.

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Steps to Clean and Sanitize a Face Mask

If you need to launder your face mask, you can use your washer and dryer. You will want to get a laundry bag to put your masks in while they are being washed and dried. Place your masks into the mesh laundry bag. Make sure if the masks have a removable filter, you take that out first.

Next, add a few drops of bleach or pine oil to your washing machine water. This will sanitize the masks so you can use them again. You will want to wash your mask on the highest temperature possible since it helps to kill any virus on your mask. If you work in a healthcare field, or you are an essential employee who may have come in contact with someone infected with COVID 19, it wouldn’t hurt to give your mask a few minutes to soak in the sanitized water before washing.

After your masks are washed, you will need to dry them. Do not put your masks in the dryer on your normal heat setting. Instead, you may want to program your dryer to air fluff your masks. You could also allow them to air dry.

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