How Often Should You Dry Clean Suits?

Dry cleaning is the fastest and most effective way to get your dress clothes looking new again, but how often should you do it? Suits and other expensive clothing are too large of a wardrobe investment for one to neglect cleaning and upkeep. We’ll discuss how often to dry clean your suit whether you wear it all the time or only occasionally.

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Dry Cleaning Frequency for Suits

Do you wear your suit daily, weekly for church, or only occasionally for a job interview? That’s the key question you should ask yourself because it dictates the dry cleaning schedule.

  • Rarely Worn Suits
      • It’s possible to go several months without dry cleaning if you only wear your suit once in a while, maintain it properly, and don’t keep it on all day. Proper suit storage goes a long way, too. You should try to keep it on a wooden suit hanger, which reduces the chance of bacterial growth and other problems.
  • Weekly Worn Suits
      • Maybe you wear your suit more often and it comes into contact with things like smoke, sweat, rain, perfumes, and chemicals. You can probably reduce trips to the dry cleaner with the use of a lint brush and steamer, but it’ll eventually need to go to the cleaners, at least monthly or seasonally.
  • Everyday Suits
    • Do you wear your suit every day for a physically active job like automotive sales? Especially if you wear it outdoors, your suit will require much more frequent dry cleaning. Of course, in this case, you probably have more than one suit, giving you a rotation of choices. However, you’ll still need to wash them at a bi-weekly or monthly frequency. This is especially true when you notice wrinkles, grease stains, and odors.

Don’t forget that there are plenty of ways to practice self-care on dress clothing. Try to create a suit rotation, use wooden suit hangers, never put damp clothing in a closet, avoid rubbing stains (blot them), and steam rather than iron them.

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