How Often Should I Dry Clean My Clothes?

We all want our clothes to look nice and smell fresh, but just how often should we dry clean our clothing? Dry cleaning is a more effective, but also more expensive alternative to machine washing clothes at home, so we want to find the perfect balance.

Shirt Laundering at Oak Neck Cleaners

Usually you will not have to dry clean your clothing every single time you wear a garment. The rare exception to this rule is those who work in environment where their clothing gets notably dirty on the job. However, the average person does not have to dry clean their clothing after every wear. Because dry cleaning is such an effective method of cleaning clothing, your dry cleaned garments will stay cleaner and wrinkle-free longer than they would if you only washed them at home. Generally, shirts made from wool can be dry cleaned after every third or fourth wear. Cotton shirts, on the other hand, can be washed at home unless you would like them pressed. For suit coats, you can wear these several times before they need to be dry cleaned again. However, if you accidentally stain the coat, you may want to take it to the dry cleaner soon. Wool pants can be worn as often as 20 times before you need to dry clean them, while denim pants and jeans can be washed at home unless you are concerned about them shrinking. To maintain the quality and size of your denim, have these pieces dry cleaned every so often.

Now that you have a better idea of how often to dry clean your clothes, consider having your favorite garments dry cleaned at Oak Neck Cleaners. Located in West Islip, New York, we are passionate about caring for your beloved garments. We dry clean all items with careful and professional attention to detail. You can trust us with your suit jackets, dresses, wool clothing, and favorite pair of jeans, so give us a call at 631-422-4339 today!

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