History of Washing Clothes

We’ve come a long way since the early days of washing clothes. Today, technology allows us to wash our clothing as effectively and efficiently as possible. Way back when, washing clothes looked a lot different.

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During the ancient eras, people collected water from lakes, rivers, streams or oceans. They brought this water to their homes, where they would complete day-to-day chores with it. These chores included hand washing clothing. There wasn’t soap during the ancient eras, so washing clothing consisted of soaking clothing, then letting it dry on large rocks, boulders, and trees.

The Romans were the first group of people to have laundry services. They actually washed their togas in urine because urine contains ammonia, which was a common cleaning agent during the time of the Romans. After soaking their clothes, they’d hang dry the clothes over streets in baskets of Sulphur and other organic products that acted as whitening agents.

The invention of the wooden washtub came about during the Middle Ages. People used this washtub to wash their clothing more effectively. They’d beat the clothing with a stick, use powerful lye treatments to remove stains, and hand wash using a washboard.

The Industrial Revolution made things a little easier. With the Industrial Revolution came washboards made of rubber, metal, and wood. Some even had a handle, making hand washing clothing far easier.

Modern laundry as we know it began in the 1900s. In the 1950s, the laundry machine was created. Over the next few years, more advanced machines that spun clothes dry, timed each load, and allowed for different cycles came about.

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