Get Your UGGs Looking Brand New This Winter

UGG boots are made of wool and sheepskin. Due to the nature of these materials, it is important to keep UGGs clean all the time. Otherwise, they start to look shabby and worn out. With winter here, it’s time to flaunt your stylish UGG boots. UGG boots are ideal for keeping warm and looking chic in the colder months. However, a pair of dirty and shabby UGGs isn’t what you would want to flaunt.

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Cleaning your UGGs at home isn’t difficult, but you must take care to avoid damaging the material. There are cleaning products available specially made for UGG boots. It is always advisable to use cleaning products meant for UGGs and not just any product. This ensures you do not damage the boots while cleaning them.

There are three ways to make your UGG boots look brand new for winter.

1. Sponge Cleaning

If your UGG boot doesn’t have any stubborn grease or stain, there is a very simple way to take care of this. Using a soft suede brush, gently brush away the dust from the exterior of the boots. This also helps in softening the material for the cleaning.

Next, slightly dampen the outside of the boots with a moist cotton cloth, and then gently spread a UGG cleaning product on to the surface with the help of a damp sponge. Make sure the product is spread evenly, and no spot remains. Make sure to scrub very gently to avoid damaging the leather or sheepskin underneath. Once you’re satisfied, either rinse off the boots or use a wet cloth to clean them. Leave them to dry for a couple of days, stuffing the insides with newspaper to prevent the loss of shape.

2. Special Cleaning

Specialty suede UGG boots like paisley printed, embroidered, metallics, mosaic, croc, floral, or knit shouldn’t be cleaned with any product. To clean these types of UGG boots, simply wipe them gently in one direction with a damp cloth or sponge. Adding a protectant also helps prevent stains. Anything else can damage the boots.

3. Removing Stains

Grease and stains can be removed by applying chalk on the stains and leaving overnight. In the morning, the boots can be cleaned as usual. Salt and dirt can be removed by brushing away the larger particles, then using a normal eraser to wipe out the stains.

It takes a lot to keep UGGs looking brand new. Follow these tips to get your pair ready for winter. If you need further information, call us today, 631-422-4339 or email

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