Get Your Uggs Dry Cleaned for The Winter

Winter is here, which means it is time to break out your winter-weather shoes. If you own Uggs, you know these shoes are perfect for the cold weather because of their warmth, traction, and comfort. You may also know that Uggs can get dirty from snow, slush, and salt. Once Uggs get dirty, they can stain, experience water damage, and even produce an unfavorable odor.

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Uggs are difficult to clean on your own because of their unique and high-quality materials. Uggs are made from a variety of materials including sheepskin, suede, fur, and so on. Instead of trying to clean your Uggs yourself and potentially ruining them, get your Uggs dry-cleaned for the winter.

Many styles of Uggs shoes are made with materials that are hard to clean with household products. You cannot wash Uggs in a washing machine, use shoe polish on Uggs, or expose Uggs to extreme temperatures. Uggs also need to be dried carefully to prevent the shoes from collecting mold and mildew.

Even though Uggs are ideal for cold weather, they are also fragile and need to be cleaned with care. Professional dry cleaners understand exactly how to tend to the unique needs of Uggs. A dry cleaner can spot clean salt stains or do a more thorough cleaning to remove any moisture, dirt, or odors.

At Oak Neck Cleaners, we offer professional Uggs cleaning that is sure to make your winter shoes look like new. We gently remove water stains and soil, restoring the sheepskin material back to its original condition. Not only does this expand the lifespan of your Uggs, but our services also make your shoes more comfortable and winter-weather-ready.

To schedule the cleaning of your Uggs shoes at Oak Neck Cleaners, give us a call at 631-422-4339. You can schedule a free pick up and delivery of your shoes, or you can drop them off at our location at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York.