Fun Facts About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning may not sound like the most fun thing in the world, but dry cleaning is actually rather interesting. If you are thinking about receiving dry cleaning services, there are some fun facts you may want to know. To learn some fun facts about dry cleaning, keep on reading.

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Not all stains are removable, even when going to the dry cleaners. The nature of a stain and the fabric the stain has saturated determine if a stain is removable or not.

When you take your clothing to the dry cleaners, instead of cleaning the clothing yourself, you are actually extending the lifespan of your pieces. Dry cleaners are skilled when it comes to caring for clothing of all types. Plus, dry cleaners use less abrasive machines and cleaners to tend to clothes.

If you are an eco-conscious person, you may know that some cleaners are not environmentally friendly. Dry cleaners use cleaners that are not a threat to the environment. The eco-friendly cleaning solutions we use are not hazardous or unsafe.

Did you know dry cleaning has been a craft for nearly 200 years? During the 1800s, the French used turpentine spirits and lamp fuel to remove stains from clothing.

Dry cleaning is called dry cleaning, not because your clothing is kept dry, but because your clothing is not cleaned using water. Rather, dry cleaning uses cleaners that avoid shrinkage and tackle stains.

Sure, your clothing may look clean. However, your clothing is actually much dirtier than it looks. Only about 30 percent of the dirt on our clothing is actually visible, meaning there is another 70 percent that we can’t even see. Dry cleaning is a thorough way to tend to this invisible dirt.

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