Follow These Fall Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothing in Tact

Fall is here, which means you’re likely wearing more denim, suede, and leather during this time of year. When it comes to fall laundry, caring for these materials is critical. To learn more about how to care for your fall laundry, continue reading this blog post.

Woman in Autumn

The fall brings unique stains. Some common fall stains are pumpkin stains, caramel stains, pumpkin spice latte stains, and chocolate stains. Whether you’re staying awake with a common fall beverage, eating Halloween treats, or carving pumpkins, you can easily stain your clothing. To remove pumpkin stains from clothing, scrape off as much of the pumpkin as possible. Once the pumpkin is removed, soak the clothing in cold water with liquid detergent for 30 minutes. Then, launder like you normally would. If the stain isn’t gone, take the piece to the dry cleaners. Removing caramel stains requires scraping off as much of the sweet and sticky treat as possible. Once you’ve removed the caramel (without rubbing it in), combine 1/2 teaspoon of detergent with one tablespoon of vinegar into warm water. After soaking your clothing for 30 minutes in this mixture, blot the stain with a dry cloth to get rid of any grease. To complete, wash the piece as you normally would. Once again, take your clothing to a professional if the stain is not gone.

When it comes to caring for fall fabrics, leather is best left to the professionals. If you own leather clothing, you likely paid a pretty penny for it. Leather is a beautiful, rugged fabric that is difficult to repair on your own. Be sure to spray your leather clothing with water repellent in case you get it wet, and store leather in a dry area. Suede is another common fall fabric, which is delicate. To avoid permanent damage, think about taking your suede pieces to a professional. Like leather, spray your suede pieces with water repellent before wearing them. Also, keep suede in a dry, cool, and dark place to avoid mildew. Finally, jeans are a piece of common fall clothing that should be cared for properly. Many people don’t know that you should wash jeans inside out to maintain their color. You should also remove unwanted smells from denim by washing them with vinegar, rather than detergent.

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