Dry Cleaning vs. Washing

You are likely already familiar with washing your clothes. Most of us wash our clothes in a washing machine either at home or at a local laundromat. If you’ve ever been curious about dry cleaning and what makes it different from washing, keep reading.

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Difference Between Dry Cleaning & Washing

The most obvious difference between washing and dry cleaning is that washing involves water and dry cleaning does not.

When washing your clothes, you put them into a machine with detergent. The machine then fills with water and spins the clothing, mixing the water and soap and cleaning your clothes in the process.

With dry cleaning, special solvents are used on your clothing that is designed to clean the clothes without using water.

Example of Dry Clean Only Clothing

Some articles of clothing are dry-clean only. This is because using water and traditional detergents can cause the clothing to get damaged. Examples of dry-clean-only clothes include leather jackets, silk blouses, and wool pants. These fabrics are prone to damage, shrinking, and bleeding when washed, which is why dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the longevity of these pieces. Dry cleaning is also a more effective way of getting stains out of your clothing.

The Best Dry Cleaning Service in West Islip

Do you have clothing in your hamper that needs to be dry cleaned? Whether you’re trying to remove a tough stain or maintain the high quality of a suit, dry cleaning is the way to go!

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