Dry Cleaning Tips

It’s important to care for your clothing. Taking good care of your apparel can extend its life span. If you are interested in dry cleaning, but you want to learn more, read on for some dry cleaning tips.

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If you accidentally stain your clothing, dry cleaning is an excellent way to have this stain removed. However, you don’t want to make the stain any more stubborn than it already is. When you stain your clothing, never rub the stain. Instead, blot the stain. Next, don’t iron stained or soiled clothes. You should only iron clean clothing. You should also never store dirty clothing. If you are putting winter clothes away for the summer, make sure to wash these clothes before packing them up.

When storing your clothing, keep your items in an area that is not exposed to sunlight or strong artificial lights. This can cause damage to your pieces. You should also always hang leather garments on padded hangers. This can help leather maintain its shape.

If you have sweaters, fold these sweaters carefully. A hanging sweater can cause them to lose their shape, and stuffing sweaters into a drawer can damage them.

When it comes to denim, dry cleaning is an ideal way to care for your favorite jeans or jackets. Dry cleaning denim preserves the dye, keeping the original color and preventing fading.

Those who own suits should have their suits dry cleaned every two to three wearings unless the clothing gets stained or dirty in-between wears. Dry cleaning a suit every two to three wearings prevents oil and dirt build-up, removes wrinkles, and refreshes the fabric.

Following these tips can help you care for the clothing in your closet. If you are looking for a dry cleaner to help you care for your clothes, get in touch with Oak Neck Cleaners. You can reach us by phone when you call 631-422-4339. We offer free garment storage, free pick up, and free delivery, so don’t hesitate to work with us.